Our Neverland candle is a must for all fans for the wonderful children's book - Peter Pan.  This candle takes its inspiration from a cake that Captain Hook makes to set a trap for the Lost Boys and is probably quite an evil cake considering his plan...

    "To return to the ship," Hook replied slowly through his teeth, “and cook a large rich cake of a jolly thickness with green sugar on it. There can be but one room below, for there is but one chimney. The silly moles had not the sense to see that they did not need a door apiece. That shows they have no mother. We will leave the cake on the shore of the Mermaids’ Lagoon. These boys are always swimming about there, playing with the mermaids. They will find the cake and they will gobble it up, because, having no mother, they don’t know how dangerous ’tis to eat rich damp cake.” He burst into laughter, not hollow laughter now, but honest laughter. “Aha, they will die.”

    chocolate, coconut, green sugar (ie green glitter) on top


    Candle tin, soy wax, cotton wick, candle dye, fragrance oil

    8oz candle tin is approx 5cm high and 8cm diameter. Net Weight is approx 200gm (7oz).
    4oz candle tin is approx 5cm high and 6cm diameter. Net Weight is approx 125gm (4oz).

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