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Hi lovely IG friends, thanks for visiting this special page I set up just for you so you can find the important stuff fast!

Our Candle of the Month for August is PUMPKIN JUICE and you can buy it right now by clicking on the photo below.

Or you can start subscribing to our Candle of the Month by clicking on that photo of my hand holding a wrapped up candle!

Grab yourself a custom candle, or buy a candle bundle and save!

Our gifts collection is perfect for all those Christmas presents you need to get for Bookish Friends - all handmade by me (in my spare time when I'm not pouring candles!)

The first of our Bookish Teas are available in the shop. Just click on the delicious tea photo to browse the collection

Hmmm, what else, what else?  Oh yes!  Try our scent quiz!  Or if you can't find your perfect candle - suggest one!

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